The abandoned dome house


I finally got around to checking out the abandoned “dome house” – the derelict eyesore infuriating it’s neighbours out east in Lilydale.



Yarra Ranges Council issued a permit for construction back in 2006.  The site has sat derelict for a few years now, recently being vandalised and looted, but the council says they cannot do anything about it.



Neighbours have been battling to have it demolished, with one neighbour stating that it will “knock thousands off his home’s value“.



I’m guessing the owner abandoned the dome house because they ran out of money, but I don’t really have any info.  It would be interesting to see the original design for this place.  It would also have been really awesome to experience the acoustics inside the domes if the walls hadn’t been torn.



x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on January 26, 2017.

18 Responses to “The abandoned dome house”

  1. this is so cool.
    would love to shoot here too.
    “do cats have laps?” sounds like a Zen Koan.

  2. adress?

  3. this is so awesome, by any chance can you tell me the address?

  4. hi there I cannot find the address online, can you lease tell me because I need to do a media assignment, thanks.

  5. Why cant you tell the address if it isnt hard to find online, i know people who stumble across these will not give away their secrets on where they are located, but there are other people who enjoy searching for things like this and a little help would go a long way, you can only find so much in a ‘google’ search… i didnt find much about this beauty and would love to go see it.

    • I literally found the address with a google search. I don’t remember it off the top of my head, so I would need to google it again. Therefore, you can just google it yourself.

      Everyone expects everything handed to them on a platter these days; sheesh.

  6. Thanks for sharing Kitten. I’ve been meaning to work more on my own urbex blog MindTheWasps

  7. hey!! i dont want to sound rude, and these photos are awesomeee but ive looked everywhere and couldnt get the address- i was wondering if you could maybe even give us a hint as to where it is or how you found the address besides “google it” as ive been trying for the past 2 days. so sorry for the inconvenience

  8. wait, can you still visit it?

  9. would anyone be able to tell me if this building is still standing?? I cant find any threads/articles on the lilydale dome house from before feb last year. thx xx

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