Behind the scenes of 360′s new music video ‘Price of Fame’

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A few weeks ago Andrew and I lent a hand on the set of the video clip for 360‘s new single Price of Fame, featuring Gossling.

Here’s Andrew looking like a total pro.


Directed by Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore and with some mad camera skills from Nick Rieve, the clip is set in an art gallery and explores – as the name implies – the downsides of being famous.  I’m surprised Matt (aka 360) still has his vision after being blinded with so many camera flashes over the course of the afternoon but he didn’t complain once.

Most impressive was Matt’s make-up job – not a tattoo to be seen.  The dancers with their brightly-coloured 90′s ensembles come a close second though.  And in third place, Gossling’s bright pink 5-inch platforms.  Want.








Claudia has previously directed 360 in clips for Sixavelli and Diafrix’s I’m a Dreamer.

Check out the clip here:

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Melbourne, from various angles

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The Argus building is finally being restored

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After many years of neglect, the Argus building is finally being restored by MIT, to be used as a city campus for their students.  The tags and graffiti are gone, the windows have been replaced and the exterior coated in new paint.



The Heirtage listed building, which sits on the corner of Elizabeth and La Trobe Streets, was purchased by La Trobe University in 2004, but after forking out a huge sum of money to have the asbestos inside removed, La Trobe onsold the building to MIT.




The gutted building – once home to The Argus newspaper – sat decaying for years and was commonly frequented by the homeless as a source of shelter.  Numerous graffiti artists also left their mark.  Melbourne Music Week was held inside the building in late 2012.



It’s great to see the Argus building finally being restored.  It’s beauty and architectural and historical significance are too great to let it rot away.

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City Traipsings

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It was a great day, despite the rain.





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Abandoned McDonald’s

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You can tell from the decor that this McDonald’s is old.  A relic of the 80s.  They don’t even have the red-and-yellow theme happening here.







I promise the food wasn’t from the 80s.  Well maybe, you can never tell with McDonald’s.

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Oh Yeah Wow’s video for Clubfeet’s “Everything You Wanted” video is so good, people can’t stop ripping it off

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A video made by Melbourne creative kids Oh Yeah Wow last year for Clubfeet‘s Everything You Wanted has been quite popular.  So popular that it’s spawning copycats.

First it was Japanese band Champagne back in April last year.  Their record company apologised after the video was called out, removing the video and stressing that they were responsible for the video rather than the band.

Next up was Turkish artist Soner Sarıkabadayı with the video for his song Kutsal Toprak.  Not only does the video use the same visual technique, it basically copies the Clubfeet video frame-by-frame in parts.

The most recent copycat – One Direction, with You & I.  Or rather, their video director, Ben Winston.  (I’m sure the 1D boys have as much input into their videos as they do the content of their songs.)

Skip to about 2:40 to minimise the pain of having to watch One Direction – oh and put it on mute.

Is imitation really the highest form of flattery?  Judging by Oh Yeah Wow’s tweets to One Direction I’m not so sure…

Screen shot 2014-04-20 at 10.59.04 PM

Screen shot 2014-04-20 at 10.59.19 PM

Couldn’t One Direction afford a new idea..?

I doubt they will reply, but we can hope…

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Sietta’s ‘The Invisible River’ tour coming to Melbourne soon

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Those Sietta kids are playing in Melbourne again soon to support their second album, The Invisible River.  They are currently shooting their second video clip to follow on from the first single from the album, Let It Go.


Get yo’ butts down to Northcote Social Club on Saturday April 26th for some sweet grooves and a fun time.  Ah damn, I just realised I will still be on my sobriety kick then; no beers for me!

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