Kitten of DOOM?

Hello.  I am the Kitten of Doom.  I am little, and sometimes I am mean and bitey too.  Other times I just want to drink beer in the sun in peace and quiet.  I am slightly crazy (I like to say “eccentric”).  I like banana-flavoured things, and I also like 80s music and being up high, like this:

Happy Up Here

All photos in this blog are mine unless stated otherwise, and are copyright. If you would like to use a high-res version of one of my images just ask me, I’m pretty friendly most of the time.

Contact: iamthekittenofdoom (at) gmail (dot) com.

5 Responses to “Kitten of DOOM?”

  1. I loooove banana flavoured things.. more so than an actual banana.. banana smoothes (has to be real banana though), banana bread/cake and banana icecream are my favourites!

    • Let me let you in on a little secret. Banana smoothies with vodka. Greatest. Idea. EVER. I’ve had a couple at the Tin Pot cafe on St Georges Rd. They were a little surprised by my request but happy to oblige. Have one at midday. It makes househunting a lot less painful I can assure you.

  2. hey kitten of doom, im Daniel, i have been exploring for a while, and know of quite a few locations, lthough my best one has already been redeveloped. I would like to go exploring with you one day. are you up for it.. ill give you my facebook and mobile number if you are.

  3. But– But *I* have The Kitten of Doom! His full name is Gary, the Kitten of Doom. He has slightly droopy eyelids, and coloring on his lip that makes him look like he’s pouting. He is one year old, and has been titled The Kitten of Doom in almost all that time.
    Anyway, I like what you’re wearing, and you look very cute.

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